About the Company

The MERCI s.r.o. company is a traditional Czech manufacturer of laboratory furniture and fume cupboards of MERCI® brand,  operating in the market since 1992.

The base of company's portfolio is:

  • Fume cupboards with electronic regulation MERCI®
  • Service cells made of metalMERCI®
  • A wide scale of laboratory furniture MERCI® made of laminated chipboards or high-pressured laminate HPL

The whole production range is certified according to European standards and tested by an accredited, state-owned testing laboratory. Manufacturing and business background of the company consists of own manufacturing and logistic area situated in Brno.

Modern manufacturing equipment meets all quality and safety requirements. The target population of our customers includes a broad range of market segments in the fields of science, research, health care, chemical industry and quality control.

A satisfied customer, qualified business and manufacturing team belong to the fundamental company values of MERCI s.r.o., high quality and operation safety of products and not least comprehensive approach to the resolved issue too.

Safe laboratory

is a must

Your work is not easy and it is not safe at all.
Let us help you with creating of safe working environment for your health and higher working performance without fears and with confidence.

Our laboratories are tested not only according to valid standards but also in thousands of realizations, and therefore you can be sure that our laboratory will not leave you in lurch.

It can be also easy

Why to needlessly add one’s work? Not even one unnecessary extra movement. You will simply fall in love with our innovative solution and a functional design elaborated to the smallest detail, and you will be glad, to come back into our laboratory. Ergonomic and intuitive controls make your long-term work easier.

Our mission is to produce and project laboratory interiors which are user-friendly.

In Compliance with the
Nature and Your Budget

We keep on developing novel and more economical technologies with the aim to reduce energy exigency of operation and impact on the environment.
In the production, we follow the principles of good manufacturing practice and the environmental strategy in accordance with ISO 14001.

The company is the
holder of the ISO
14001 certification
Our products hold the
certificate Ecology-
Friendly Product
All materials we use in
the production are
fully recyclable

Long-Term Operation

Our priority is long-term saving of operating costs and thus the lowest possible impact on the environment.
By regulating the exhaust from fume cupboards and by providing information for regulation of air supply to a workplace the intelligent control of laboratory based on monitoring of operation in it can considerably reduce the exhausted and supplied volume of air from/to the workplace.
Thus, our laboratories reduce operating costs of ensuring of the optimum environment in your workplace – heating, air-conditioning.