Our manufacturing of laboratory furniture, metal fume cupboards and service cells began in the year 1997, we built our own modern producing factory on the periphery of Brno in the year 2004, not far from the airport Brno. We dispose of own researching and developing department, which job is –except the preparation of the production – to realise research and development of own new products.

The main objective of these activities is, to improve own product lines and to bring new products into the market, corresponding to actual high claims to work in different types of laboratories and to create basic preconditions for a modern safe and energetic effective workplace.

The cooperation with a bright scale of renamed state and private companies is an inseparable part of successful researching and developing activities. Such as an electronic controlled fume cupboard and a unique service cell, such as using of new board materials with more utility qualities, inclusive the exceptional way of board edging, that is high resistant against moisture.